Support This Project!

We must ask for a $5.00 donation to insure your Phone Number will be removed from ALL co-registration and EBR databases, State and Federal DNC lists Do NOT Protect you against solicitations made when "express written consent" is provided by you through your use of certain websites, buried in privacy policies are legal ways for companies to contact you with solicitations!

Due to overwhelming use of our services, we need to ask you to make a $5.00 donation to insure your number will be added to all the DNC Registries.

In addition, your donation will help support our other DNC (Do Not Call) websites and listing services currently deployed.

UNLIKE State and Federal Do Not Call or Contact registries, your request here becomes active within hours of submission with a Paid Donation. Our systems help you reverse your prior issued consent through new privacy policies. Although State and Federal do not call registeries exist, these Do NOT Protect you when you provide "express written consent" through privacy policies on websites or even offline contests.

Remember: your personal data is only as safe as you make it! Registration on State and Federal DNC registries only protects you against unsolicited contact. Through this site, you can end EBR contact with co-registration databases, you will end the "express written consent" you provided via an online site.

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